part of September of Photography 2010


Since the 1960s, the work of Peter Downsbrough (born in 1940, lives in Brussels) has played with the parameters of the space where it is presented: the real space of the architecture and the city, the exhibition space, the virtual space of photography or the content of the book.

His language is similar to that of conceptual artists, and his work is included in a spatial and textual tradition, but also in a formal practice on which runs the analytical and geometric line of the abstraction, from Russian constructivism to today. Simple shapes, lines, vertical, horizontal, surfaces and words combine to shape the societal structure in which we live. The urban space has progressively become the territory and the central figure of a work that avoids ideological or narrative bias. Understood as a simple contemporary witness, it draws the essential forms of its organisation.

At La BF15, American architecture and urbanism take shape and meaning in a selection of photographs and films made in the USA, and also in a work (Room Piece) created specially for the space.