The third instalment of a residence committed to the Stand (a structure for diffusion, production and residence in Lyon, 2005--2012), the experience ends by an editorial approach, to which the graphic designers Samuel Rambaud and Tony Simões Relvas of Extrafine (Lyon, 2008--2013) invited two authors, Gabriel Ferrier and Maxime Rizard, to produce a book-object: Entracte – édition limitée

This edition, designed as a literary re-appropriation, combines journalistic methodology and fiction, both symbolic and retrospective. It structures the book so that interviews overlap between acts, alternating that which is said and that which is felt, and offering different reading routes to the boundaries of genres. With this book-object, the distance that writing keeps from standards of reality is never stable; a mixture of tones and registers exceeds the real world and informs a world with bizarre theatricality that, taking the risk and detour of fiction in an entrenchment of voices, signs and visions, becomes the promoter of surprises, differences and sometimes revealing moments. Laboratory of forms, field survey, excavation site and human adventure, Entracte -- édition limitée does not deliver a final conclusion but an opening defined by the convergence of specific practices within an editorial support.

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