In resonance with the 2009 lyon Biennale

The two Australian artists Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro (born in 1971 and 1974, live in Sydney, Australia) develop a sculptural work through a variety of media. In exploring the materials of our contemporary world, they raise socio-political issues such as globalization, mediatic culture, consumerism and property.
Prems is a French colloquialism used to claim the right of possession over an object. The idea that we can have something just by being the first to name it still works geographically, with the claim on land rights, but also biologically with the copyright and other human genetics.
For their first exhibition in France, artists use Lego bricks to reproduce the terrain of a region of China known as China's "Area 51". Discovered in 2006 thanks to satellite images of Google Earth, this area appears to be an exact replica, scale 500:1, of the 157 500 km2 of the Chinese province of Aksai Chin, the border region adjoining India and Pakistan. The reasons for the creatin of this model of Aksai Chin remain a mystery: the area is important for China because it connects Tibet with a road that the Chinese built in 1962. Experts say that this model could have been built for military purposes.
By making a replica of an existing model, and making it portable, Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro continue the examination of this fascinating mystery.

in partnership with LEGO