The exhibition Uma combinação (2) combines the work of Armanda Duarte (born in 1961, lives in Lisbon, Portugal) and Linda Sanchez (born in 1983, lives in Lyon), two artists who could easily be described as attentive.
In various forms (drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, etc.), their work demonstrates a mental and physical relationship with daily life. Each of their pieces condenses a specific logic, in a sleek form that careful articulates observation and gesture.

The performative work Uma bata e uma combinação renews the experience of shared attention that Armanda Duarte first proposed in 2008 for the Uma Combinação exhibition at the Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon.The artist created clay circles on the floor, which contain water and her memories. They are in fact basins which collect water on Portuguese patios during heavy rains. But she gives these singular works a collective aspect by making them the objects of other people's attention. She gives “watchers” the daily task of maintaining these fragile constructions. During the exhibition, the employees, dressed in work clothes, maintain a relay to keep the basins full and to seal any cracks.
Thus, for Armanda Duarte, time of existence "makes" the work, builds gestures, shapes, layouts. By correspondence, she asks those watchers to post recordings of their time of existence on a surface of their choice, and then she brings them together in the drawings of Os Vigilantes. Through another series, Lisboa no ano da cabra, the artist recounts her own walks in her city with a dotted line.

Like Armanda Duarte, Linda Sanchez gives a measure of the focus on things. The clocks on the ground that make up the work Débattre la mesure create its relief whereas two other works, created for the exhibition, the books Sans titre (a sculptural work consisting of 3000 scans of a trunk progressively sanded) and Page(s) (a flip book of blank pages) reconstitute the thickness.