For Cédric Alby (born in 1978, lives in Brussels), the exhibition space is the territory for unusual experiences. Drawing-sculpture-architecture, Continuum (BAU) at La BF15 is a vast minimal structure in situ that invades the space while it seems to be taking its measurements.

A black orthogonal line, both driver of and obstacle to our movement, crosses various points in the empty and full spaces of La BF15. The inscription of the word BAU, repeated on the sculpture itself, punctuates its progress, discreetly, like an evocative graphic and sonorous image. From graphic to sculptural, a relationship establishes itself with the viewer in which echoes the figures of recent history, from the Bauhaus school to Schwitters’ Merzbau, from architectural utopia of the 60s to certain works of Minimal art. Hollow, it is also a story that continues here and in the imagination of the viewer, the story of the endless struggle of a rodent to refine and extend its burrow, in the unfinished novella by Franz Kafka Der Bau (The Burrow). As in this text, the sculpture is a constructed hole: a burrow. It is a writing in the space, an intangible thing, that in the end shows more of its image than of its reality.

Linking these different elements, Continuum (BAU) shows the path of the continuity of time and space. BAU, in brackets, resonates as an issue constantly presented to the viewer.

BAU. Building, thinking.

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