Through his images and installations, Nicolas Moulin (born in 1970, lives in Berlin, Germany) explores an ambiguous reality, drawn from history and augmented by his imagination.

His disturbing works offer the viewer a voyage through arid landscapes and brutal architectures, witnesses of a stripped utopia.These hostile territories become non-places, conducive to wandering and projection.

For the exhibition Dämmeryugyonngbleibt Nicolas Moulin create a piece called Zeitreiseanzusehen (which means "time-travelling to watch") in La BF15 space, a sort of clockwork which unfolds on the ground, in the form of a light in the gallery space operating in a twilight atmosphere.
He also presents Nachdatch, a video produced in 3D in which an architectural structure created from scratch appears in chiaroscuro, swept by light. A presence is hinted at beyond the frame. The viewer becomes observer, hidden at the back of an empty space whose contours we cannot define.

Working on the idea of a divergent and uchronique space-time fabric, Nicolas Moulin, a fan of Phillip K. Dick and his book The Man in the High Castle, begins possible stories, where real and imaginary collide.