“Stasis: a period or state of inactivity or equilibrium. Origin mid 18th cent.: modern Latin, from Greek, literally "standing, stoppage" from sta-, base of histanai "to stand".”

The architecture-sculptures of Aeneas Wilder (born 1967, lives in Scotland and Japan) stir the same fascination as for large construction sites, where technical prowess and metamorphoses of space meet. Their monumentality presents no aim or ambition. Instead, they have the tangible and derisory nature of a world in perpetual renewal.

For Stasis, Aeneas Wilder takes the space with Untitled # 136 and Untitled # 137, two sculptures, once again defying balance.

Patiently built with stacks of wood units, these huge edifices in precarious balance will eventually be deconstructed by a brief and radical gesture at the end of the exhibition, during a performance by the artist.

The Scottish artist also presents three videos, unique traces of previous ephemeral constructions: Untitled #88, Untitled #104 and Untitled #135.
Responding to the rigorously conceived architectural challenge, and with spontaneous freedom, his work is a provocation that pushes the boundaries of space and imagination.

special thanks to Arnaud Figel, Michelle Gonon, Théophile Thomas, Benjamin Triouleyre, Véronique Vincent

lien :

Aeneas Wilder (www.aeneaswilder.co.uk)