In résonance with the Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art 2007

Anita Molinero (born in 1953, lives in Paris) compo-ses an archaeology of our daily life using the objects that surround us and particularly plastic elements that she melts and deforms, giving them a new aesthetic presence. Oneiric, fairy-like or catastrophic visions, her works align them-selves to a “post-Chernobyl” era, that is, as the artist likes to specify, between the disenchantment and magic of the world.

In the new La BF15 space – just recently renovated by the archi-tectural firm Nesso – she creates a group of works which plunge us into a scenery with sci-fi tones, allowing emanations of a worrying time to escape. She occupies the first room in its verticality. A colossal tower, consisting of more than 36 000 blue honeycombed packaging plates, piled and burned, stands there imposingly. Next to the wall stands a red articulated spine exploded construction cones. Not far away stands a bench, while the work Dépouille unfolds on the ground. With Cocoerrance, the artist reexamines a worktable with a stainless steel plate using a striking expressionist movement. Under the glass ceiling, level with the floor, lies a horizontal sculpture whose lead dramatically crushes it. The formal force of her sculptures puts us face to face with a transfigured reality, a sublimated destroying force. 

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