Intervention during works

Écran total lays its stake on an experience of work in mutation. During the renovation of La BF15’s space, Laurent Pernel (born in 1973, lives in Lyon) takes advan-tage of cracks in space and time to allow his work to emerge from these interstices. As the practical requirements related to the building work orga-nise and determine the time and the space, how can one give birth to and develop an artistic work that requires time, doubt and wandering, in the midst of a construction site? How can we share the work with a public that does not have the leisure and liberty to access La BF15 during the works?
Écran total attempts to elude the constructive parameters of the project and presents itself in a fragmented way within the whole of La BF15.

Concerned with decentralisation, Laurent Pernel transposes one of the Ministry of Culture’s drawing rooms from Paris to the provinces. This spatial copy-and-paste made of metallic survival blankets shows off the gold of the republic, before its final disappearance under the plasterboards. The two shop-windows offer an interface between the building site/ workshop and the street. The websites of La BF15’s and Laurent Pernel are two other storefronts open to visit all the time, while the building site is only open for visits on June 21 2007, providing a single opportunity to visit the occupied space. 

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