conference on February 3 at La  BF15 with historians Yannick Bosc, Florence Gauthier, Lada Umstatter-Mamedova and Maria Stavrinaki
Part of La belle voisine 

Raphaël Julliard (born in 1979, lives in Geneva) develops his work from observations, methods or diagrams reexamined and thwarted in works that are complex and from an amused imagination.
La Grande Révolution de 2014 is based on the artist’s reading of a deterministic the history of western society. — “If it exists, the post-modern time, or post modernity, in which we live starts with the end of World War II. The atomic explosions on Japan give an atrocious kick-off to the post-modern regatta. Twenty-three years later, 1968 announces a new revolution. Then, 1991 marks the end of the Cold War and the rising development of a global society. Following the course of history, can we not logically think that in 2014 something of a revolutionary type will take place? Should we get ready for it ?” RJ

This is what Raphaël Julliard imagines, and to carry out this project he transforms the space of La BF15 in order to produce the possible framework and the imagination favourable to a new historical turn. Originally scheduled for La BF15 on place des Terreaux, this exhibition also had to adapt to an upheaval in the history of the space: a precipitated move. Past, ongoing and future revolutions are thus questioned by the artist. By replaying a diagram of history, the artist not only gives a phy-sical framework to it, but also creates a political context, a critical space for visitors. Even with the idea of revolution seeming far from reality, he invites us to reconsider our individual and collective relationship to this notion. 

With the support of Pro Helvetia and Fonds d’art contemporain de la Ville de Genève (FMAC)
In partnership with Cineparts

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