Part of the 2006 Nuits sonores

The German label Raster-Noton is the product of a merger in 1999 between Rastermusic (Olaf Bender and Frank Bretschneider) and Noton.archiv für ton und nichtt on (founded by Carsten Nicolai). This new fusion is a platform for investigating minimalist electronic sound, but the approach goes well beyond mere musical interpretation. Their exploration of frequencies and sound sequences interacts with the significant minimal and modular graphic work of Olaf Bender and also with the experimental pieces of the artist Carsten Nicolai. For this exhibition, La BF15 hosts an optical and acoustic space which Raster-Noton presents as a showcase in progress for the aesthetics of their label. On one wall, Wallpaper is decorated Walldrawing with graphic symbols created from sound textures. One of the exhibits, White line white is a neon light whose intensity varies according to the energy flowing from a musical composition. You can also explore the Raster-Noton archives through Archive I et Archive II, a set of soundtracks and microfilms. This exhibition highlights the resolutely hybrid nature of this creative platform, while questioning the position of the artist at the interface of the individual act and its relevance to society as a whole.

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