exhibition in RESONANCE with the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennial 2005

This project stems from the research of Stéphane Buellet (born in 1983, lives in Paris) on the sensitive qualities of code data processing. This vision approaches the code as a real material following the example of glass and fabric, a sort of numerical material. Particules réactives is above all an experience to invest in and appropriate. The physical implication of the viewer finds resonance in the fleeting existence of the luminous particles. These particles generate a poetic vision of movement, at the same time impalpable, sensitive and evanescent. As soon as night falls, La BF15’s storefront transforms itself into a public interface, thus revealing the effervescence “send out” by the comings and goings of the passers-by. The nume-rical essence of these particles bestow on them an entirely formal quality, permitting them to react to the most basic stimulus of the passer-by: movement. 

with the participation of Philippe Burtin, Dexatis et Joël Rodière

lien :

Résonance (biennaledelyon.com/biennale/resonance)

Chevalvert (www.chevalvert.fr)