Part of Art sur la place / 2005 Lyon Biennale

“Our body is a first dwelling, a first envelope which enables us to travel, to move. It shows us to the world and defines our place in it. We first find ourselves in the body. This body rallying with a group, a medium, a culture, its place is never final, it is created with the passing of time, with the perpetual risk of falling at any moment.”  Meriem Djahnit

It is around this concept of “body-habitat” that the Funambus project of the artist Meriem Djahnit (born in 1977, lives in Lyon) was developed for the 2005 Art sur la Place. Coordinated by La BF15, in close cooperation with the social hotel Riboud, this creation gathers the residents of this group home and the world of an artist who questions the fragility of our existence. With installations made of ephemeral materials, removed of their function (balloons, bags etc.), the work of this artist poetically questions the tangible and random aspect of our position in the world. The artist analyses the transitory character of our condition, as physical, social and psychological beings. The artist finds resonance with the lives of the individuals who live in this group home, who experience this situation of instability each day. From April to September, workshops give way to discussions, writings, images, and work with various materials to create a work inside and around the bus. This work naturally finds its place in this symbolic object of the body-habitat in transit. The entire project was also the subject of an edition presented at an exhibition in the town hall of the 1st arrondissement in late 2005.

With the support of the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale and the city of Lyon (Politique de la ville) and in partnership with the social hotel Riboud, Habitat et Humanisme Rhône, the Mayor’s office of the 1st arrondissement and Vivantes les Pentes, the associations SPLIF (site polyvalent lyonnais d’insertion et de formation), COBOIS and Le Grenier