The Projet pour rendre à Lyon ses brouillards presented by Alain Bublex (born in 1961, lives in Paris) at La BF15, brings together in one place in the heart of the city of Lyon, architectural and urban planning proposals imagined during the past century that have never been able to be achieved. These are presented as the logical and natural responses to the urban development of the city today. They address the key areas of the agglomeration from a historical and geogra-phical perspective. Focusing on an element that nourrishes the identity of the city, the project to restore Lyon’s fog is not a goal in itself, but the only foreseeable consequence of its application. (...) Neither architect nor urban planner, Alain Bublex does not even propose his own ideas, and does not impose his vision of tomorrow’s world on anyone, but rather takes the ideas of others, such as: Tony Garnier, Le Corbusier, Peter Cook and the Archigram group Lucien Kroll, Renzo Piano, MVRDV, etc. “Obviously, I do not choose famous people, but rather ideas, I chose them from a stock of available ideas, and besides, I do not choose them, they throw themselves at me, astonish me, surprise me. My intention, in return, is to bring them back to life, to put them back in the public eye, to offer them up again, to resume their dialogue together and with the real.” AB, extract from « Poétique du chantier », Projets en chantier, ecocart editions, 2001.

On this occasion, La BF15 has published a map.

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