Vincent Kohler (born in 1977, lives in Lausanne) leads us into a universe tainted with derision and imagi-nation. Through his amused and fantastical vision, he tests popular knowledge and imagery. These meticulously produced pieces (a mixture of design, craft, installation, and sculpture) testify to a no less precious absurdity. For his first solo exhibition in France, this young artist presents two pieces at La BF15, taking us into a disturbing phantas-magoria.
On the first floor, Parquet is one of the most recent objects produced by the artist, using the knowledge of a craftsman while turning away from functionality. Fascination grows still greater when the boards of this curious haunted wooden floor move to the rhythm of a mechanism with clock-like precision. Seduction slowly gives way to anxiety with this piece but also with the paintings next to it. Though of a traditional technique, they represent subreal shapes and beings familiar to the artist’s work. On the second floor, Mogul, a light installation created for this exhibition reveals even more of Vincent Kolher’s hidden world. These strange mixtures of shape and variations of colour are new experiments of everyday life and new territories for the imagination. 

With the support of the state of Vaud and the Nestlé Foundation for art


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