In part of the 2004 dance biennale
Artists : Alexandru Antik (Swap), Cristian Aurel Opris (l’uRDLA), Carmen Cristian et Cosmin Pop (Les Subsistances), Elian (vitrines rue d’algérie), Maria Rus Bojan (Hôtel de Ville), Cristian Rusu (Néon), Florin Stefan (vitrines rue Romarin), Teatrul Imposibil (La Scène Gerland), SUPERNOVA (La BF15)

Transylvania Express is a cultural event held in Lyon in September 2004 by the French Cultural Centre in Cluj and La BF15 during the 2004 edition of the Lyon Dance Biennale. This proposal by Perrine Lacroix looks at contem-porary art in Transylvania and its relevance in European affairs. Its purpose is to publicize and promote its place in this “Wider Europe”. 

On this occasion, La BF15 shows a collective of artists: Supernova. Its action can be reduced to a single gesture, to assume the group name as a brand by placing it in a real economic circuit. The Supernova mark is attached to a product of wide consume-rism that, together with a symbolic component, is identified and reported. The end result of this circuit is the consumer who chooses, or not, the product according to the symbolic action that the brand possesses. The artistic intervention by the group Supernova within this economic process does not disrupt its smooth operation, nor does it deform the artistically analysed object. Friendly Bug is a video animation inspired by the ever increasing number of symbols of the virtual world. The work explores the symbols used in cases of error and pushes them to the physical limits. Caranime Supernova is the digital version of the painting Saint Thomas by Caravaggio. The gesture of penetration into the wound of Jesus, is emphasized in this film using digital techniques.

TWith the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Department of International Affairs, France; Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs, Romania; Embassy of France in Romania; BRD, Société Générale Groupe, Romania in partnership with URDLA, The Subsistances, Swap, Neon, TVR 2 / TVR Cluj, La ScènesurSaône, l’université Lyon 2, l’association RhôneRoumanie, the city of Lyon