vaccuumRandom is a collaboration between Michaël Fournier et Gabriel Samson with the production of visual and sound aleatoric programs as a goal. During the Festival Nuits Sonores , they created and broadcast the pRoot program in the BF 15. Based on the sample technique, vacuumRandom constitutes a bank of 3D objects and sound fragments. These samples are then injected in the pRoot program. The program will randomly manage their organization and their behaviour : the diffusion properties echo in an endless chain. The sound determines the image as much as the image controls the sound and vice versa. pRoot functions like a battle would, between a DJ robot and a VJ robot that would copy each other’s action. Since an isolated system has a natural tendency to raise its enthropy, one can expect interactions and retroactions to get to a high level of complexity.

The program is an invisible structure determining a set of possibilities with one of them as a final form. Since the process is non linear and constantly renewed, vacuumRandom will be just another spectator to its own production.

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