Using images or installations, Martine Aballéa has submerged us since 2002 in Luminaville, mysterious city of lights floating in an endless night. While Lyons is animated for « illumations day », Luminaville-les-Bains offers a different vision in a tasty mixture of sensations in the BF 15.

From the square, with its colored windows,the sign Luminaville-les-Bains invites you to come in. Enter and you will be under the spell of the gaultheria perfume. On the walls, colored reflects ondulate to the rhythm of an intoxicating music. If you’re tempted by the experiment,the establishment offers relaxing foot baths in different basins of perfumed water.

On the first floor, taste the enlightened water, a drink sensitive to certain lights and relax in the radiant lounge.
Come and try Luminaville-les-Bains and bathe in the wonderful world of Martine Aballéa.

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