guest curator
may 24th : Mo Gourmelon, Espace Croisé, Lille
december 12th : Olivier Kaeser and Jean-Paul Ferley

A series of programs focusing on video art and new media, in the comfort of a real cinema, represented the occasion for an exchange with invited curators. Mo Gourmelon, artistic director of the Espace Croisé (Roubaix) and editor of Saison Vidéo, concocted “Slippery, glissant, instable et incertain” for us which included works by: Fanny Adler, Quentin Armand, Thomas Bernardet, Anthony Coursier, Jérémie Gindre, Judith Josso, Fabiola Jozja-Valencia, Gregory Marin, Priscilia Ninotta, Bertrand Planes, Vincent Roux, Valérie Sauvage, Laurent Vicente, Fabiola Jozja-Valencia.
Olivier Kaeser and Jean-Paul Ferley, co-directors of Attitudes (Geneva) brought together video works which deal with cinema by N. Melikian, E. Antille, R. Masharawi, J. Conijn and B. Olafsdottir.

Co-production: Mairie du Ier Arrondissement/The City of Lyon.