with : Aurélie Albaret, Thierry Bernard, Gaël Boffard, Guillaume Brissaud, Sébastien Caillat, Raphaël Charpentié, Clôde Coulpier, Aurélien Darnaud, Sylvain Moignoux, Jae-Bum Myoung, Alexandre Ouairy.

These student works reflect the wealth and diversity of sound practices that are currently being developed at the École Supérieure d’Art in Grenoble, under the supervision of Daniel Donadel.
These works are altogether precarious and noisy — a public laboratory where premeditation meets the desire for improvisation. Around fifteen sound works, installations and audio objects are interspersed throughout the exhibition space. The majority of these works demand the visitor’s participation, each one offering the possibility of experiencing a moment in sound during a particularly animated visit. Micro-concerts and performances regularly enliven the space.