In Résonance with the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale 2019  

Vincent Gernot has no preferred materials. An A4 sheet, an object, a room, a territory. On them, he projects forms, ideas, lines and volumes through the tools he creates and the materials he uses. New geometries of lines and shapes come to life, new compositions restructure space. The question of confinement and limits is often at the heart of his mechanisms, a necessary introduction to the very idea of openness, of exceeding and stepping over boundaries.
For her first solo exhibition, the artist measures her approaches to the space of La BF15.

Highlight an object, emphasize its shape, its outline. Build a movement. Open the often fixed and constrained threshold. Create a passage, an evolution. Activate sculptures, compose them with gestures. Develop tools and materials as devices. Allow the instantaneous drawing of an object or a space by the gesture.

Born in 1991, Vincent Gernot graduated from ESADSE, the School of Art and Design of Saint-Étienne, where he lives and works.
He exhibited his work at the Milan Triennale in 2016 (Design after Design exhibition) and in Saint-Etienne as part of the Design Biennial in 2017 (My favorite studio and Fukushima mon amour). He has also worked in various collectives, including the collective Breche (Backyard in 2017) and the collective Au détour (And if the blue of the sky was something else in 2018).

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