For the second part of its participation in the France-Romania Season, La BF15 proposes a residence and a performance of Axelle Pinot in Bucharest.

" A king dies. His successor is waiting. Some say he will not come back. Meanwhile, Penelope reigns. She must choose a new king. But that she does not want it. She invents a ploy, saves time, distracts attention. She weaves the shroud of the deceased king, postponing the decision she refuses to take. Every day she weaves. Every night she defeats. The work does not move forward. Time is stretching.
Penelope Syndrome is the need or urgency to undo the work that has been done. But, Penelope weaves the veil of a history that turns. She does not know the end. She never finishes her canvas. The motive has remained secret. The embroidered story, nobody knows, except perhaps those who were there in the evening, when Penelope told poems and stories.
During the residency, I weave. Weaving is the process of writing in real time. The patterns are routes. These courses draw an odyssey in the city. I walk this odyssey and the pattern changes scale. I play several characters. I reinvested the figure of Penelope, until I confused myself with it. Myths have not been recited in vain. You have to read them again, again. Rewrite them."  A.P.

Event organized as part of the France-Romania 2019 Season

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