This second part of the particaption of the BF15 at the France-Romania Season extends the idea of domestic and public time, celebration and pleasure in art, as well as notions of private and public spaces, with intervention of Axelle Pinot in Bucharest.

At first, Axelle Pinot (born in 1991, lives and works in Lyon) followed a classical training of dance and theater. She learned to use her body, to work it by putting it in the service of a collective body. The artist then studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon where she began to work on the performance, often performed herself. Sometimes in front of - or for - the camera only. [...] Thus Axelle Pinot was built and exposed to the eyes of others, with regard to this Other, which she ignores. He is not here yet, but will arrive soon. In her performances, she makes herself available and paradoxically seeks to master and control her image, that of her body.
Axelle Pinot wishes to articulate her residence around the figure of Penelope :
“ As a result of my research, I realized that the question of what was being represented was not asked.Every night, when she undoes her work she sings poems, which makes me want to add a performative dimension. and a work of writing: The tapestries will be sometimes the characters, sometimes the sets, the traces of Penelope’s songs.”

Event organized as part of the France-Romania 2019 Season

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