programming meetings on Saturdays, February 23rd, March 9th and 23rd at 4 pm (details of interventions announced soon)

in partnership with ASV Ameublement Saint-Vincent, ATC groupe, Bang & Olufsen and Plantes pour tous

In 2005, the artist Ludovic Chemarin decides to put an end to his young and promising artistic career, in order to change his life, to move on.
In 2011 Ludovic Chemarin © began his new artistic career and, at la BF15, experienced his first exhibition. Derived, disembodied, he presented himself as a brand, exploited works and purchased rights. Eight years later, he returns, strengthened by his existence as an artist of a new genre, at the forefront of contemporary artistic issues, with a history of success and studies - fascinating for some, disturbing for others. And within this implacable story, against all odds, the presence of Ludovic Chemarin - the human being - has not been erased. On the contrary, from an artist who disappeared in a sophisticated exploitation device, emerges the man whose presence  this exhibition tries to shed light on.

Histoire sans fin (Endless Story) offers a unique  visit, a specific path, a different experience, in an attempt to transform the spectator-visitor into a guest, to imagine new mediation protocols, to change utilisations.
From the public space of the gallery, only a step or a look is needed to find oneself in a private and domestic space, in another context: a place to read or relax, to drink tea and to converse, to listen to music and recline. Three states for three dialogues with Ludovic Chemarin ©.

This exhibition is punctuated by a series of events that make the "works": the programming of quirky encounters and ordinary moments that tell, in their own way, a rich and complex story with detours to specific moments and small stories: those of Ludovic Chemarin and those of the artist now copyrighted, but also those of people who worked for both. One can even, perhaps and by chance, sit next to Ludovic, during one of his scheduled but unpublicized appearances.

Histoire sans fin (Endless Story) unfolds a new and more intimate facet of the project, exploring the complex relationships between the two main characters in this story. In contrast to the initial approach, legal and conceptual, here we are dealing with emotions, feelings and sensibilities revealed through a few simple actions: reading, drinking, listening.
It is a question of approaching, within the comfort of the exhibition this “genetically modified" and copyrighted artist through its original model: Ludovic Chemarin.

Time is thus at the center of the device: the time of Ludovic Chemarin, that of his alter ego under ©, but also that of the more or less long, distended and orchestrated exhibition.  The visitor can then choose to walk in different atmospheres and to skim the surface within a few minutes, or decide to slow down, to pause, thus participating in other encounters with this artist of many hands, faces and shapes.

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