part of France-Israel Year 2018

Dror Endeweld

Tel Aviv, a modernist city in the Bauhaus spirit

conference Thursday 28 June at 7 pm

Artist and teacher at the School of Fine Arts in Nîmes, Dror Endeweld offers a visual artist's view on the architecture of 1930s Tel Aviv.  A unique city, Tel Aviv was the laboratory of modernist experiments, as would become Brasilia or Chandigarh, though in different ways. Built according to the master design of the famous urban planner Patrick Geddes (1925), the modernist architecture of the White City was inspired by the Bauhaus School and other avant - garde schools of both Western and Eastern Europe.

In less than ten years, 4,000 buildings have been built mixing the international style and the islands of vegetation conceived of by Geddes . Dror Endeweld looks at the unique atmosphere of Tel Aviv and the work of the young architects of that time, such as Schiffman, Averbuch, Karmi, Rechter, Kauffmann, Barkai, Berlin, Haller, Hütt, and Cohn. 

in partnership with Zérodeux and Grame - centre national de création musicale

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