part of The Biennale Musiques en Scène 2018


The exhibition Stone brings together three artists whose works explore the memory of stones and the imagination stimulated by them.

Through interactive installations, the Taiwanese artist Yen Tzu Chang - in residence at Grame - synchronizes the tactile and auditory senses. She transforms the urban bustle of our city into a texture on the surface of a stone from the Monts d’Or.

Sarah Del Pino – collaborating with the architect Alice Mortamet, the CRAterre laboratory / ENSAG and the composer Guillaume Sbaiz – explores different types of decomposing earth, visually and aurally. Her video installation reveals as many enigmatic songs as it does forms of dissolution.

Damien Fragnon also draws us into the poetic potential of living processes, by thrusting himself into protocols and quasi-scientific endeavors. Through a set of data presented at La BF15, the artist invites the visitor to discover the sites where he installs “fake” meteorites to replace those that would have landed there.

Together, these artists propose an exhibition in which sensitivity is articulated through the dreamlike, the known to the unknown, in these Border Lands, the theme of the 2018 Biennale Musiques en Scène.

in partnership with :
Digital arts center Taipei
Grame - centre national de création musicale
Ensba Lyon
the association AMACO 
CRAterre laboratory / Ensag Grenoble

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