In Résonance with the Biennale de Lyon 2017 / FOCUS

Throughout the duration of his first solo show, Romain Gandolphe (born 1989, lives in Ratayrié, France) lives in the space of La BF15 and draws us into the stories of our memories of artworks.


I would like to be able to live in this exhibition. Every day. And to be there when you come. To meet you and invite you to remember, just as I often try to remember myself. To remember works that you saw - that you believe you saw.
Tell me about them. Reinvent them. Share them, especially with those who will come later on. Because to remember is to carry within you the works you have seen. To speak of them is to  pass them on, to give them to others. And rewrite them. Always rewrite them.
In return, I will show you my memory of this work that I have in mind: a drawing on the wall that, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, reminds me of these distant waves. Perhaps together we shall see other waters? Those of oceans you tell me about? Perhaps those of the Saône, still closer to us?
This exhibition will include works that do not exist. Or that do not yet exist. The work you will see when you leave, the one you will find here next year, and the one I will create in ten years. Can we also add the ones that no longer exist? The work you have just forgotten, the one you expected to find here when you arrived, and the one you will never see again?
When you leave, do not forget to take with you the stories of these works that have let me travel. At first through thought, because they made me dream. 
Then, some nine thousand three hundred kilometers from here, the journey became real. In search, without little hope, of a specific spot in the California desert. This place is where a work appeared nearly fifty years ago. But we now have only hints of this photograph and some contradictory accounts.
And so afterward, by thinking about it and going through these dreams, traveling, as it were, in this desert, if you happen to find this place I am still looking for, please let me know. RG

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