Collective run by Frédéric Latherrade, Laurent Perbos and Sébastien Blanco,
With José Ramon Aiz, Mike Batard, Hsia-Feï Chang, Marc Etienne, Urko Galdona, Clément de Gaulejac, Sandrine Llouquet, Mathieu Mercier, Elodie Moirenc, Laurent Perbos, Guillaume Poulain, Frédéric Pradeau, Delphine Zampetti.

The exhibition has been conceived as an extension of the well-known mail-order catalogue Buy Sellf in the style of Ikea. On the ground floor, each object is placed in a fake interior design. On the first floor, Welcome by José Aiz Larigoita is a modular space designed both as a stand, a reading space and a relaxation area. In the window, Kebab Formula by Mike Batard and Fred Pradeau invites the passer-by to turn around on a pedestal in front of a heat-lamp, a veiled reference to the surrounding neighborhood.

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