Continuing its programming theme surrounding the notion of relational weaving in both art and technology, La BF15 presents a new work by Joséphine Kaeppelin (born in 1985 in Lyon, lives in Brussels).
For this production, the artist has set up a system to design and produce special materials: étoffes à décor de circonstance (decorative fabrics of circumstance).

Between the gesture which produces it and that which makes use of it, fabric is, beyond a simple manufactured object, a way of linking social and historical contexts. At times, it is even considered a true medium of communication, allowing messages to be carried, stories to be conveyed, all the while affirming and sharing positions or values ​​with others.
The social and political uses of textiles motivated Joséphine Kaeppelin to reclaim an ancient tradition in decorative arts and textile industry, similar to that known as African Wax Prints. The production of these étoffes à décor de circonstance involves “fabrics intentionally decorated in a way that recalls an important event contemporaneous with their production, or a circumstance of lesser amplitude but notable all the same, or the glory or actions of a great character.”*
At the end of January 2017, the artist will launch her first production of étoffes à décor de circonstance. Three original designs will be digitally printed on silk twill, in collaboration with textile companies in Lyon. These motifs reflect several aspects of the contemporary world, especially in relation to work.

Products of “know-how” and “make-known”, these étoffes à décor de circonstance, to be sold exclusively at La BF15, invite us to use and interpret them in a shared process of intention and attention.


The term étoffes à décor de circonstance and this definition are extracted from the journal La Soierie of Lyon dating from 1921.

In partnership with Brochier Soieries and Bisson Sa 

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