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Estèla Alliaud (born in 1986, lives in Paris) is invited to realize a specific project for La BF15 during a summer residence. She then decides to consider the space as her atelier and occupy it as such. The diverse experiments that take place there are all related to the same process of questioning gesture.
Games of "mise en abyme", imprints and displacements, invite the audience to move between sculptures and images. A praxis spreads out in the space during the time of the invitation at La BF15, through this dynamic action of doing and seeing.

Proposing a fine connection to space, the exhibition and the work of Estèla Alliaud are yet not conceivable through a relation of coincidence, but on the contrary through the very movement of distance. With this movement are developed multiple ways of acting, perceiving, presenting or representing. With this movement, the sculptural and photographic approaches echo and are seen as ambivalent forms of apparition. Two years earlier, during a first collaboration between the artist and La BF15 for SUPERVUES, the variation of gray in the Ombres calmes (Calm shadows) tinted the walls of a room at the Burrhus hotel, thus giving substance to a passed moment, but without really being able to let the audience reach it.
If these works establish the swing of "it has been", they are also suspended to the possibility of "it will be", through the experience that the audience makes out of it. Therefore, the duo Galerie is invited to activate this experience in a One night's invitation. Infiltrating Estèla Alliaud's exhibition with its own project -entitled Group Show, The Matinée- Galerie spreads the doubt a little more and encourages the audience to get the measure of it.

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