In 2015, the BF15 is celebrating 20 years of existence, commitment and work with the art scene and audiences in order to make contemporary art a shared experience.
Two years ago, in 2013, a fire destroyed all the archives, publications and editions of the BF15. This brought about the idea of ​​creating a book reconstructing the memory of over eleven years of programming conducted under the direction of Perrine Lacroix, a follow-up on the retrospective edition published in 2004 which covered the 2000-2003 programming led by Claire Peillod.

With over 115 artists or groups invited and spanning 77 exhibitions and events, this edition bears witness to the many collaborations at local, national or international levels, resulting in as many creations since 2004, within different contexts, from the Place des Terreaux to the Quai de la Pêcherie.
This retrospective highlights the importance of so-called associative spaces, those classified as "intermediaries" due to their size, economic structure or actions devoted to accompanying artists and audiences.
Presenting the different orientations that have guided the programming since 2004, this work provides evidence of a shared history. A tribute to all those who have contributed in one way or another (the team, members, artists, critics, collaborators and partners), it is also the meeting point of two new collaborations: one through the eye and the pen François Quintin, and the other with Bureau 205's graphic studio.

This edition has benefited from the generosity of artists and donors who responded to the call for support on KissKissBankBank.

Also to be acknowledged and thanked through this edition are all those who continue, in their own ways and in the private or public sphere, to give an increasingly essential place for art.