part of the 2014 SUPERVUES, Hotel Burrhus, Vaison-la-Romaine

For its participation in the 2014 SUPERVUES, La BF15 has invited Estèla Alliaud (born in 1986, lives in Paris) to create two new in-situ works echoing intimate space and temporality, specific to the Burrhus hotel that hosts the

A pile of folded sheets is placed on the floor. Assembled and sewn together, they reconstruct the pattern of Room 7 at 1:1 scale. On the walls, various shades of gray were applied just after being taken off. They are evidence of light variations and Quiet shadows that crossed the space at a given time, making up a life-sized color chart.

On this occasion, the artist is also pursuing the series Sans titre, 20141 continuing to arrange, for each place she is invited in, an element from a previous exhibition, as if to suspend the becoming of things while waiting for a next move.

“In voluntarily neutral interiors, Estèla Alliaud engages simple phenomena with material that she stages: a floor covered with a puddle of milk, an empty room filled with a cloud of ash, a slab of clay slowly sinking onto plywood … These both rational and intuitive space settings are photographed in real time. If the camera is used for its descriptive qualities, it is also a tool of speculation for the artist.
The fragmented visions she collects from these experiences highlight tenuous phenomena: the fragile balance of an arrangement of masses, discrete occurrences of phenomena caused by contacts, transitions from one state to another. Sometimes the artist chooses to render them in several shots to monitor the evolution of material, the way movement records or sets itself in it. This material thus becomes memory, sensitive testimony of an arrival or a disappearance. Everyone has to assess at which stage of this evolution they are positioned. The eye skims the surface of the materials and the vision refines itself with the contact of miniscule details. Estèla Alliaud thus awakens in essence the sensitivity of the viewer, without directing it to a defined theme.”
Marguerite Pilven, 2013, extract.

1- Response to the exhibition Les Contre-Ciels in PapelArt gallery, from 21 November 2014 to 31 January 2015.


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