La BF15 launched a call for proposals for its programme, which this year focused on the issues, devices and mechanisms inherent to the exhibition. More than 60 artists, linked to the Rhône-Alpes region and who have had few or no solo exhibitions, have thus imagined projects consistent with this theme. In February 2014, a jury with Alexandrine Dhainaut (art critic), Jennifer Douzenel (artist), Dominique Gaudry (President of La BF15), Jan Kopp (artist), Perrine Lacroix (Director of La BF15) and Guillaume Louot (artist and vice-president of La BF15) has accepted the proposal of Eva Barto (born in 1987, lives in Paris) proposal. This is her first exhibition in France.

"The paradoxical shift that I wish to produce for this exhibition is based on a series of parts that do not appear to be such, or at least are not what they claim to be. This calculated divergence unfolds through many elements that nest in distinct proposals but are yet spatially and conceptually choreographed together. The global space is intended to witness an ambiguity as to the origin of its function and destination, an indefinable space to which no work would be assigned at first glance.
My project then seeks to emphasize the details of these obsolete objects that have fallen into disuse, hidden in larger structures that can only be taken into account by an adapted and worked oral or written mediation.
Before with this precarious fiction, the visitor’s references face a constant re-orientation due to the repetition of certain elements, in an environment that is welcoming but devoid of identity.
The achievements of the exhibition give way to falsehood, exaggeration, concealment, cancellation, almost unnoticed, all acting for a continuous feeling of uncertainty."
Eva Barto

The artist thus creates, through a multitude of “official” works and “informal” interventions, an ambiguity as to the very status of the work and of the exhibition space. The latter can be seen here as much in its legitimising function of a “White Cube” as in the functionality of a co-working, rent-free space.

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