signature of Jean-Max Colard's book, L'exposition de mes rêves (éd. Mamco)
reading by Anaïs Petitjean

"The collection of ‘critical dreams’ that the art critic and curator Jean-Max Colard (born in 1968, lives in Paris) made and transcribed (whilst moonlighting on his regular job of writing on art), is like a private collection of imaginary works, mental exhibitions, past interior moments and moments relived in the field of art.
See exhibitions, review them in magazines or art revues, visit fairs, meet artists, write texts for catalogues: this is the daily routine of every art critic and curator. But by looking at the works, by frequenting them, it also happens that we dream of them at night. In that transformed scene, the art gets populated by imaginary exhibitions, anonymous artists, images crossing space, the curator’s panic attacks. Because at night, everything moves, becomes more floating, more aerial, more spectral.”
Mamco, Les presses du réel