in FOCUS/resonance with the 2013 Lyon biennale

If topography consists in shaping a place by recomposing it according to an abstract system of points and lines, in the work of Jennifer Caubet (born in 1982, lives in Paris), it mainly refers to the changing reality of these spaces "between" the lines.

Entitled Topographies relatives, her solo exhibition addresses this concept of pivoting between representation and experiment. Three recent productions are presented, in which Jennifer Caubet explored places based on their occupation, their generation, but also as the mere mention of a possible wait.

Coordonnées en projection brings together lines and planes with a centrifugal device piercing the walls of La BF15 in a multitude of threads with arrows. Throughout the space, the work acts, on the scale of the body, as a topographic mechanic, generating a projection space and a space to occupy.

Using various materials and know-how, the artist sets up technical expertise that strives to reveal space as mental and physical potential.

Entresol introduces us into another spatial potentiality, from fragments and architectural grafts temporarily inhabiting the space, while the silkscreen printing from the Topographies relatives series projects us into abstract variations.

The shapes and lines that Jennifer Caubet uses, reworks or puts in areas that she passes, inaugurate the place of work and exhibition not only as built territories but as territories to build.

with the support of DRAC Île-de-France, individual grant for the 2013 creation

lien : (Jennifer Caubet)