The surface of Vincent Dulom’s paintings (born in 1965, lives in Paris) manifests a shimmering intensity.

They create, under our very eye, an organic body for the painting, an interlacing of both shadow and light, a halo with no discernible limits.

"Unveiling the color's obscurity, the eye approaches the body of the painting, its lair of shadow. A place where, under the effect of a single light, color shadows itself, it degenerates, darkens, but it is also a place where, luminescent, the colour moves, throbs, and breaths, still resisting, a reflection of our own body made out of shadows. (...) Colour, essence of a pure pictorial energy, creates the light which, by  simultaneity, shapes the other, as a body whose shadow it carries. Before the light, there was exponential colour."
Vincent Dulom

Through various exhibitions (each marked by seeming simplicity), the exhibition L’entre sourd not only abstracts us from the fragile and gliding variations, but includes us in the space and time of a confrontation.

At the very moment of their evanescence, the works of Vincent Dulom, bring us back to our own existence, where an observing body and a nascent body form the fragile moment of awareness.

in partnership with ATC group

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