Pablo España and Iván López (born in 1970, live in Madrid, Spain) created the group Democracia in 2006. With that name, they claim a potent artistic approach built on the exchange of ideas and techniques with strong ethical and social values.

At La BF15, the group is presenting a most recent video installation named Ser y Durar  (To be and to last), the motto of parkour. This discipline consists in moving through an urban area, overcoming obstacles, in the most efficient and swiftest way possible, using only the human body.

Filmed in the Civil Cemetery of la Almudena in Madrid, an area of social, historic and symbolic importance, Ser y durar give a psychogeographical vision of the space (reminiscent of the Situationists) during a session of parkour. A dynamic interaction is created between the mobility of parkour and the stillness of the graveyard. A similar interaction is created between the dreams of social advancement of those lying in the graves (with their epitaphs bearing witness, through words such as  “Love, Freedom, Socialism” or “Democracy”) and an urban way of thinking which considers obstacles as creators of movements rather than carriers of ideological values. The tracers (those who practice parkour) try to belong and never to compete, and thus claim their own idea of community and progress through the motto "to be and to last".

Another project, Subtexts spreads itself beyond the walls of La BF15 introducing implicit and humanist messages in the urban area. It is inspired by the "subtitles" in theater plays, these annotations that bring feeling and purpose to the character.

"If we were to consider the city as a text, built in stone, sprawling with messages in the public space, the subtitles would be the antagonisms living among the different communities shaping a population. Such expectations are never reflected by the medias."

The Subtexts project consists in inserting messages and quotes written in Arabic, broadcasted in the local media (billboards, advertising panels, press, radio and TV) without translation into the official language.

These interferences, created by the work of Democracia open up arenas of political and poetical renewal by reappropriating our freedom of speech and movement, out of the boundaries commonly admitted and imposed.

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