Part of the 2012 September of Photography

Taysir Batniji (born in 1966, lives in Paris) presents at La BF15 a set of works that, beyond appearances, calls us to a persistence of the gaze. Originally from Gaza, the artist reflects in his works a perception of a – notably
Palestinian – reality, against the representations that are generally accepted and/or generated by the media.

Playing on the ambiguity of the representation device, the Watchtowers and GH0809 series of photographs are being shown on this occasion.

Watchtowers lists the Israeli watchtowers that invade the Palestinian territory à la Becher. Like the couple of German artists who tried to document the post-industrial heritage in Europe in the 1950s, Taysir Batniji attempted in 2008 to establish a typology of watchtowers in Palestine (in the West Bank).

“I wanted to create an illusion, a sort of Trojan horse. The particularly perilous conditions are visible in the shots in question, carried out by a delegated Palestinian photographer (born in Gaza, I am not allowed to go to the West Bank). They are blurry, shaky, awkwardly framed in an imperfect light. There is no way, on this ground, to install the Becher’s heavy equipment or to wait several days. No possible aestheticisation. No way to consider these functional military buildings as sculptures or heritage.”
Taysir Batniji

Projected under the glass ceiling, the Bruit de fond, video forces on us a fixed shot of the face of the artist, who tries to control the blinking of his eyes, provoked by the detonations of bombs in Gaza in 2006. Taysir Batniji thus puts fiction to the test of facts. In the end, its resistance only makes them more palpable.

In the video Sans titre video, the reflection of a shadow disappears, a body is erased in the sand, eternally swept by the waves …

GH0809 presents houses destroyed by the “Hardened Lead” Israeli attack between the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 in Gaza. For this work, Taysir Batniji had to ask a journalist on site to photograph these houses, following precise specifications. Displayed in a window, resembling ordinary real estate ads, the images are accompanied by comments made on site by the owners describing their dwellings (surface, number of bedrooms, number of possible inhabitants, etc). La BF15 takes on the appearance of a real estate agency. Thanks to this, a new audience – potential owners – dared to open the door, only to discover the reality of the situation.


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