installation-performance with Iris Rochet-Lanchet, Élodie Thibault

Made of meticulously chosen materials and gestures, the works of Adélaïde Feriot (born in 1985, lives in Paris), like those of Héléna Bertaud (born in 1986, lives in Biarritz), appear to us like recollections of pending physical and semantic phenomena.

The result of several weeks' work in the first collaboration between the two artists, Les Joueuses (The players) presents a living picture whose thickness is only seized within the duration of this One night's invitation at La BF15.

Positioned in the frame of the openings, within the opposite ends of the space, two young women concentrate on the execution of a specific and continuous gesture orchestrated by Adélaïde Feriot.

On the ground, an ultimate "inventory" of materials by Héléna Bertaud superimposes the layers of an unstable topography. Foam panels, plastic sheets and fabrics almost entirely cover the space, waiting for their inevitable transformation as we penetrate in the site.

Like two epicentres of this landscape, the two women (Iris Rochet-Lanchet, Elodie Thibault), immutable, propagate the intensity of their performing bodies in the reactive space that connects them to our crossing bodies.

From a captivating presence, gestures as objects are then extracted from any history to include us in their own space and temporality.

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